Often a medical condition can have an impact on one's ability to drive safely. These changes can be cognitive (affecting our decision making), physical (which can lead to a need for adaptive driving equipment), and/or emotional (anxiety). If you have concerns about a family member and their driving, we can offer an on-road assessment of their functional driving abilities. The Drivechek program is an on-road fitness to drive assessment. It is uniquely positioned as a proactive opportunity to identify potential red flags before they cause more serious problems.


If you are a physician or other medical practitioner and unsure if you should notify the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) or send your client for a full functional assessment, we can conduct an on-road assessment and provide you with a written report and recommendations. We are also able to facilitate a full MTO-approved functional assessment (in-clinic and on-road) if required. We also specialize in individual rehabilitation sessions for people struggling with driver and/or passenger anxiety.

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Road Rules Driving School
Road Rules Driving School