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Director, Beginner & Rehabilitation

Janet was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario. A very active sportswoman playing representative ice hockey, basketball and lacrosse until concussions told her it was time to retire from contact sports. In her spare time, Janet needs to hike. A lot. Summiting Kilimanjaro and running the Grand Canyon rim to rim in a day (during a heatwave) are a couple of her most memorable adventures. Janet's mom was a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Peterborough Regional Health Centre during her career, and along with being extremely close with her grandmother, has developed her great empathy for drivers wanting to maintain their driving independence after a medical event.

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Director, Remedial Programs

Matthew came to Canada (from New Zealand) at age 16 completing 2 final years of high school (boarding) in Lakefield, Ontario. After graduating from University working in sales, executive search and his own recruiting company in Toronto, he and Janet purchased a driving school in Bancroft, Ontario in 2005 (formerly Partners in Driver Training - since 1998). Moving Road Rules base to Peterborough in 2007, our beginner driver education was able to serve school boards throughout Central Ontario. In 2012 we started offering rehabilitation services and 2014 started providing courses for the Ontario courts.

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Experienced, professional driver with 39 years, accident-free driving. I am focused and safe with a long history of driving many different vehicles including school bus and town bus. I enjoy long drives and meeting new people and have a unique technique for teaching people to drive. Shelley is a certified in-car instructor and driver rehabilitation specialist. She has a strong, farmer girl background with an emphasis on friendliness and safety and enjoys helping others get back on the road after an accident or illness.


Darren lives in Peterborough with his fiancé Beth who works in digital marketing.  Darren has owned and operated gas stations throughout the Eastern GTA, as well as his own snow plough business and bar and grill restaurant.  He also works as a part-time Garth Brooks entertainer.  Darren is a natural with the students, and they appreciate his calm manner and easy-going approach.


Roop was born and raised in India, where he managed all aspects of the family farm (including fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and grain). His responsibilities included teaching the staff how to drive farm vehicles, introducing new agricultural techniques, ensuring the health and safety of all staff, as well as responsibility for all repairs and maintenance on the machinery. Roop developed his passion for driving and love with auto-mechanics during his time managing the family farm. Roop is fluent in 3 different languages ( English, Hindi & Punjabi) and has his master’s degree in Information technology. He has also operated his own driving school. Teaching runs in the family as Roop lives in Peterborough, Ontario with his wife Rashmi, who has her Master’s degree in Chemistry along with TESOL certification and teaches students in all the areas of Science, Math and ESL.


Wayne earned his bachelors degree and is originally from Jamaica where he also worked as a teacher.  He has been a Pastor for 18 years and is a great people person with a very calm demeanour.  He lives in Oshawa with his wife and 2 daughters.